Microsoft Strategy for CyberX/Sentinel

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I attended the Microsoft CyberX webinar | MITRE ATT&CK for ICS: CyberX Demo and Azure IoT/OT Security Deep Dive today.  It ran long and there was not an opportunity to answer posted questions.


Since the Microsoft acquisition, can you share more about the cloud strategy for the CyberX product?
Do you envision cloud solutions to become the default method of monitoring OT environments as the relationship evolves?


Are there considerations for on-premise solutions instead of cloud?


Using cloud you are placing sensitive information about your OT network and infrastructure to an environment you do not control.  This is a concern in our organization.

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Hi @drichkun


I encourage you to watch the Ignite session that will give more context and roadmap here:


As for on-premise - Microsoft will continue to support and develop the on-prem offering as we are well aware that some organization can't connect their OT networks to the cloud.


During October we will launch the product in Public Preview, and you will be able to get a taste of what the solution holds. 


Hope this clarifies things.