Microsoft Defender for Identity VS ATA

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Hi All, 

I am looking for a comparison between Defender for Identity and ATA, I have actually no experience on Defender for Identity so trying to compare between these two security solution to see which is best to use. 



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best response confirmed by Ricky Simpson (Microsoft)
ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics) was an on-prem solution for visibility / protection from identity threats.

Azure ATP is (/was) a cloud based version doing the same thing (i.e. Azure ATP replaced ATA)

Azure ATP recently renamed to Microsoft Defender for Identity

So a comparison between ATA and Defender for Identity isn't really "relevant" because ATA is basically "an old product"
Thank you so much for your response, I thought Azure ATP is a different product thanks for the explanation.
Just to add to that response, moving away from an on-premises solutions like ATA and into a cloud solution like Defender for Identity saw a number of advantages introduced, like multi-forest support, auto-updates and tight integration with the other products that call Microsoft 365 Defender home.
ATA was difficult to install and test, MDI is much easier