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Another newbie question

We have a tenant in the Contoso Demo area and my user is a global admin and has an E5 license.  From Microsoft docs i was under the impression i could access a 90 day trial of MDI but all it seemed to give me was another 250 trial E5 licenses.  How do i get MDI in our tenant and which ATP portal should i Use?  When i try to access it authenticates me with my work email and bombs out probably because that doesn't have an E5 license but doesnt give me the option to log in with a different account?



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Try to use the new portal using

@Eli Ofek 


Thanks Eli, is it safe to assume that in the real world my client will need to create an Instance at as per the Microsoft Docs for MDI? is gradually replacing UI portal will be deprecated soon .... when it happens the docs will be updated as well.
Ah ok, so as long as you're signed into the site with an E5 license you should see the Identity area and be able to install sensors as i saw when i visited the site yesterday?

@rob_wood_8894 Yes, in the new portal you will have an identity section, which provides similar functionality (UI looks different...)