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I have a question about the Passwords exposed in cleartext report. In the classic MDI portal, we can find reporting section.



I need to describe what information is included in the Passwords exposed in cleartext report. I have the other three reports. Maybe someone generated this report and can share what information it contains. I assume there are two tabs: summary and the second. I just want general information about the tabs names and titles that can be found in the second tab. 

for example  




I'll be grateful for the answer. 


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@Anna_M995 This report lists all source computer and account passwords detected by MDI being sent in clear text.

However, the main portal of MDI is M365D security portal and the "Passwords exposed in cleartext" report is covered in the ISPM assessments found in Secure Score: Microsoft Defender for Identity clear text exposure assessment | Microsoft Learn



some feedback on this generated report...


the report used to send a basic email with the total exposed account in the body.  The report now just has a link to the report.  This change is a time waster.  if there are no exposed passwords, there is no reason to send the report or force users to click on a report just to see the count of 0, or no exposed passwords.  

 @joelwj Thanks for the feedback