MDI data in IdentityLogonEvents and LogonType

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MS documentation states that LogonType in the table "IdentityLogonEvents" in the MS Defender "Advanced hunting" portal - value of "Interactive" indicates a logon via a physical act - keyboard and screen for example.

LogonTypestringType of logon session, specifically:

- Interactive - User physically interacts with the machine using the local keyboard and screen


I have countless records of what we call "Service Accounts" with LogonType of "Interactive".  We block Interactive Logons on our "Service Accounts".  I would expect these to be logged as "Service" or "Batch" based on the documentation.

Am I misunderstanding something?

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Hey @MycroftPennywise 


What kind of service accounts are they, are they group managed service accounts or another type?


Sorry for the delayed response here!  It's a mix, we do have some MSA's / GMSA's, but for the most part they are standard user accounts where we configure things so interactive logon is not allowed.  I do not see any Interactive logons for our few GMSA's.