Limited time range for LDAP plain text auth reports

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Hi Guys,


Were running ATA 1.9.7412.9649 and we are experiencing an issue where by we cannot select more than a day or two in the past when trying to run this report. The days are now greyed out as you can see from the picture below. However, before this, we could select further back in time but even for small time frames (say 5 days) it would error out and say:


Chosen time frame is too long, try choosing a shorter time frame.





Any ideas why this might be happening and how we could look to resolve it?




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This is because there is a limit of how many records you get pull in one report, for different customers,

you will get a different amount of data per day. in your case it sounds like you are maxing the limit with 2 days.

This feature is planned to be enhanced in the future to be more usable, only I don't have an ETA for it.

Hi Eli, thanks for the response. This makes sense. We have a app that is widely used that generates a lot of LDAP requests. Once we move that across to LDAPS hopefully itll make this report more useful.

Good to hear its on a roadmap for improvement.

Thanks again