Licensing in mixed E3/E5 environment?

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How does licensing for AzureATP work in an environment where half the users have M365 E5 and half the users have M365 E3?

If it works like the ATA I assume there is no way to make it only analyze the E5 users behaviour?

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ATA & AATP are not capable of working "partially" according to the license status of each account.

"not capable" or "not licensed"? ;)

Hi Martin, E5 gives the Azure ATP portal and application, however not all users will have E5. I would call MS support on this one...

Did you figure something out? Having some M365 E5 and the rest M365 E3 is quite normal among out customers.
Talk to your licensing reseller. I found there was an EMS E3 to EMS E5 upgrade that you can apply to M365 E3 users to get full EMS E5 benefits across the org without the expense of the full M365 E3 to E5 upgrade... Until you decide you want some of the Office365 E5 benefits that is...