Licenseing per device?

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If I am going to implement ATP Azure in an instance with 25 domain controllers where there is a universe of 4000 users, how many licenses do I need?


It is not clear to me how it is licensed, it is indicated that it is EMS E5 but it is not indicated if it is by instance, domain controllers, the total of active directory objects or the users of Office 365.

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Hi @angelncl 


Azure ATP is available as part of Enterprise Mobility + Security 5 suite (EMS E5), and as a standalone license. You can acquire a license directly from the Microsoft 365 portal directly via the Microsoft 365 portal . Azure ATP supports organizations with multiple forests, giving you the ability to easily monitor activity and profile users across forests. 


Please refer to


@Deletedi think also @angelncl is google capable.


The question is really different and the text/link you suggested don't gave us an answer.


If the company X have YK employees (ex 4000) how many license of the type you mentioned are needed ?


So for example a single forest, single domain with 4000 users with O365 E3 and 45 Domain controllers.

How many and which type of license are needed and to which users is to assign ?

@CorpSecs yes this is the real answer we need!!!!! Please someone can help !!?