LAPS - Splunk account reading ms-Mcs-AdmPwd

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Hi all,


We have used LAPS for a few years, and recently we started using a logging service called Splunk, and as it turns out, this logging service account is reading the ms-Mcs-AdmPwd attribute in Active Directory and sending it in cleartext.


The account we use that runs on the machines is a member of the "Administrators" but also "Domain Admins" group on the machines via a GPO (the "Restricted groups" setting). However, I've removed the "All extended attributes" ACL on the Domain Admins-group in our domain and I've also used the "Find-AdmPwdExtendedRights" on our two OU:s where we have computer objects with LAPS, and this doesn't show the account (or the "Domain admins"-group) any longer.


What am I missing here? Is there an ACL I'm missing or am I thinking this wrong? Any help or ideas would be appriciated.

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This isn't necessarily a MDI topic, but here are a few recommendations I'd look into:
1.) Run the Splunk UF and associated account in low priv mode. Don't let your security monitoring/logging infra be leveraged against you.

2.) Configure your inputs.conf and mask that, e.g. 

sedcmd-pwdmask = s/(ms\-Mcs\-AdmPwd\=).+/##########/g
3.) Go back and remove all those entries from splunk or rotate laps pws.