How to install Microsoft Defender for Identity

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How to install direction's show
Microsoft 365 Defender portal in the Settings -> Identities -> Sensors page.
but there is no Identities page under settings?

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@Linas Snarskis is your users licensed with MDI license plan? 

I am not aware of any licensing needed for users? @eliekarkafy 

refer to the below link to check which license your users to have in order to benefit from the MDI feature.
I am not sure I understand I need to purchase certain licenses for the menu to show up in Office 365 to download the setup to my domain controller to do the setup?
Correct , but there you can activate a trial at first to test the feature before you buy the licenses for your users
Sorry I am reporting you misleading info this is not what i am interested in at all this is the quick guide I am trying to Follow
Yeh so the first thing to do is to license your users to be able to see the identity section on your portal
Wrong wrong wrong this is not what I am asking about not correct product I will not Upsell to this No way
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@Linas Snarskis 

I think there's a mix-up here.

If you are getting the ITDR deployment tile in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal suggesting that you should deploy MDI, then you don't need to buy any new licenses. You already have them.

If you don't see the Identities section under settings, it means that your account doesn't have the minimum permissions (Security Admin) to start the onboarding.

So who do I call for support Office 365 it seems this forum is not here to help and is only here to upsell Microsoft products.


sorry no help what website?