Honeyotoken accounts

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Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to set up the Honeytoken part, for a production environement I need to set up 40 honeytoken accounts.


i was able to configure just 9 honeytoken accounts, the MDI Portal does not allow me to enter more than 9  accounts


Can you please tell me what the problem is ? how to solve this problem ?

Is there another possibility to configure the 31 other accounts?





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There is no such limit that I am aware of, I just tried with one of my tenants, and added 10 without issues.
See attached screenshot.
Can you elaborate on what is holding you from adding more than 9 ?
Did you get some kind of error ?



@Eli Ofek

I don't have any errors, but the thing is that the name of the accounts are the same from differents domains (exemple: i have administrator from D00 , administrator from D01., etc) .

i don't know why i can't add more than 9, is there any method to add the rest without passing by the portal ?
The problem is not in adding the accounts, it's in finding them in the combo...
The solution is to temporarily add a differentiator string to the display name to allow you to search for each specific account. once added and saved, you can revert the display name and it will still work, as behind the scene we keep the account ID. MDI will simply sync the changes back after a few minutes and revert the display name as well.