Heads up on potentially breaking changes

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Hi, we recently had a large outage of Azure ATP when the certificates used for communication expired.  We had to raise a case to get it resolved and ended up with a 2 week outage while we first investigated internally our network and firewall rules, and configurations.  Would it be possible to get a notification (e.g. via the O365 Message Center) when a potentially breaking event or change is going to occur so we can deal with it before it causes an outage?

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@Tim Red 

Hi, thanks for the feedback, we are sorry to hear about your outage and are working on improving our notifications channel for such changes in the future.


Question, what are the current types of channels you are currently getting product updates from?

@Or Tsemah thanks for your reply.

We get all of our information currently from the Office 365 Message Center, but open to subscribing to other methods