Enable Azure AD Identity Protection user risk / sign-in policies

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I'm struggling with the Secure score Enable Azure AD Identity Protection user risk policies recommendations (and the sign-in risk policy reco as well)


I've enabled both policies in Entra ID Protection for all users with few exceptions (i.e. Policy enforcement = Enabled). Nevertheless, none of the reco switches to "Completed" (basically, says 0% of the users have the sign-in risky policy turned on...)


Then I imagined these reco don't check for Entra ID Protection policies to be enabled but for equivalent Conditional accesss policies to be enabled. I created 2 policies based off the templates in the Zero trust category and enabled them for all users (with few exceptions), all cloud apps. Reco still not complete.


Does anyone know exactly what these 2 reco check to complete ? Any idea is more than welcome :smile:

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Just for the record, i finally got the points in Secure score reco...11 days after implementing the policies.
Don't know the Secure score verification process in the background but took quite a lot of time IMHO.