Disconnected devices

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 My client is telling me that 2 of their DCs seem to have a recurring problem. When they look at the open health issues, they always seems to pop up a communications issue after about 8 to 12 hours. These 2 controllers are the primary controllers for our plant in Mexico and Thailand, so they aren’t going to sleep. When they remote into the server, the issue resolves. Any idea on what would cause this behavior

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Look on those local sensor logs to see what was written to the log during the time the health issue was reported.
Never heard a case where RDP ing to the machine restored/fixed a communication issue for the sensor, but the sensor local logs and maybe the windows event logs might shed some light about what was going with those machines during this time.
If it was a client OS I would think it went into sleep/hibernate and RDP caused ot to restart due to wake on lan, but I have a hard time believing those settings are set for a DC ...