Defender for identity sensor installation error: DISM Image Servicing Utility has stopped working

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I'm currently implementing defender for identity in a domain controller running windows server 2012 64bit. The server has the latest monthly update rollup. Installed .Net framework is 4.8.


The sensor wizard throws an error "DISM Image Servicing Utility has stopped working" when it reaches .Net framework installation. From Microsoft docs, the sensor checks if the server has at least .Net framework 4.7 is installed if not, the wizard will install the framework. From the error details, the sensor wizard shows that there is a fault in dismprov.dll file. What i did is that, i copied dismprov.dll from a normal computer then registered it in the server using "regsvr32 dismprov.dll" command as a admin, but still the problem persists.


What is the root cause of this and how can i resolve it.

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