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Hey Community!


Curious question and would love to hear your feedback on this.  Is it clear to everyone what the differences are between ATA and AATP?  Is there anyone who has ATA, who owns AATP, but simply hasn't migrated since they aren't sure about the value-add?


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Andrew and the larger Azure ATP Team

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Hi Andrew

I would be interested more in detail what the exact differences are. I handle both and see many differences (unfortunately). Many functionality of AATP is not ported to ATA. What is the vision of Microsoft to still continue developing ATA.? Personally I believe this makes sense, especially for air-gapped networks not connected to internet.

I see differences but I would love to see details, we have trialed but not migrated as a result and have a ton of customers asking questions with limited information. More info in general would be great.

In my experience, I have had some trouble explaining Azure ATP to people in my department with no knowledge of ATA. There is an assumption that since "Azure" is in the name, it is a protection for Azure or Azure Active Directory. I understand the need to get everything under the same tent, but it might clear up some miss-conceptions with a slightly different name. Something like Active Directory ATP with a online version (AATP) and an on-prem version (ATA), where the cloud version has some benefits not seen in the on-prem version.


Also, the constant updates and their benefits were not as apparent, to me, while investigating AATP (while currently using ATA). Keep your defenses more current, while not putting a burden on security operations. I could see this after looking into AATP for a little bit, but not when initially becoming familiar with it.