Cannot download Azure ATP sensor package

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I'm in the process of seting up my AATP tenant but when I try to download the first sensor package from the sensors page, the download instantly fails with the "Could'nt download - No file" download error when using Edge Chromium. Beside the download button, the "Generating" message displays.

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Please open a support ticket so we can troubleshoot the issue

@NaturelDragon , This is a known bug in version 2.120 for workspaces who did not install the first sensor yet.

Hotfix is on the way, stay tuned...

I'm having the exact same issue as @NaturelDragon .


This is for a new customer which haven't enrolled any sensors yet. Isn't there a way to download the package elsewhere?



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@Koos Goossens , Sadly no. It's is generated per workspace with specific parameters. The hotfix has started enrolling now world wide. some customers already got it, and the rest will gradually get it during the upcoming hours.

Thank you. I'll wait for the hotfix. This for a test tenant preparing a workshop for a customer.

If there is a way to get the hotfix in priority, I'm interested.


Hot fix completed, try again.

@Eli Ofek Yes. I can download now. Thank you