Azure ATP: Which data is transferred to the cloud?

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I'm looking for information about which personal data is transferred to the cloud.
I need the privacy relevant information for certifications according to TISAX or ISO 27001 and the European GDPR.

For example, which fields of an AD object (username, address...) transferred?

Is there more detailed information than this?

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@Eli Ofek 

Thanks for your reply.

Are passwords or hashes also transferred to Azure ATP?
I couldn't find any information about this.

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@Ralfxyz , no, we do not sync passwords or hashes of AD entities.

The only passwords we keep are for the read only account/accounts you supply in the portal configuration page, so we can connect to AD to read info etc.

Those passwords are of course kept secure, yet we still recommend to use read only low privileged accounts for this.