Azure ATP Set Up Group Error

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Hi, All,


I am trying to set up ATP, however, when I select the ATP Admin Portal it takes me to the screen, tells me to select the 'Create' option, which, I do, thereafter, it complains there are groups already with those names and I should go and delete them. Which I try, however, I cannot delete the Azure ATP (domain) Users Group. I look inside the group and that tells me there's an owner, so I try to remove the owner and, of course, it tells me there needs to be at least one owner... Go figure!


Has anyone come across this before and has successfully resolved this issue?



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@Ryan Murphy , not sure if possible but can you replace the owner with yourself instead of removing it?

Also,  you might need to have permissions to delete groups you do not own, can't tell you specifically, as there are many roles that might have this permission. I am guessing a domain admin should work... but not sure.

Who is the owner now? can you ask them to delete it?