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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Automate the installation process of Install the Azure ATP sensor

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I would like to ask if anyone has a good idea/suggestion to automate the installation process of Install the Azure ATP sensor – e.g. by using a custom script and/or using a policy within Azure?


E.g. if a new DC is installed, then instead of having a person doing this manually, how can this be done automatic?


Thank you.

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Jan Andersen.

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you can use the silent install mode:

You don't have to use a new package every time, you can use the same package and it will upgrade itself during deployment as long as it's the same major version, and we very rarely change major versions...

Thank you very much for your fast feedback.
If I would like to have this deployed automatic, when a DC is installed, without having a user doing this, would this setup with a silent installer then work with a policy, saying that "this app needs to be installed for all DC's"?
I ask because I would like to understand how this can be done, without having a person to do this every time.
Thank you.
Best regards
Jan Andersen

@JanAndersen , Silent mode can be scripted like any other command given that you have access to the installation package. I am not too familiar with how to work correctly with policies, but if you can set a policy that will run this silent install command  on image bootstrap, I guess it can work.

I will let others who might actually done something like that respond....


It depends on your domain controller installer process, if your using a ConfigMgr Task sequence for example, you can add the sensor installation as another post-setup task.

Hi @Or Tsemah 


Thank you very much for your feedback.

I will  give this a try.


This can be closed for now.


Best regards

Jan Andersen.