ATP Sensor Stuck At Starting

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I just tried to follow these instructions to install the sensor and now my DC is completely broken. The service is stuck at "starting" and I can't disable it because of this. If I restart the DC (which I now have to do as a hard reset from VMware because a graceful reboot doesn't work) then the service starts up again at boot and I'm back in a loop and unable to disable the service. If I try to configure the service to not start at reboot via MSCONFIG then that just hangs also, I assume because the **bleep** service is stuck at "starting". I can't uninstall the sensor either so I'm really stuck here. What do i do?

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@broonster open services.msc

Mark the updater service as disabled, and then stop it. The do the same for the sensor service. If one of them does not stop after being marked as disabled kill it from task manager.

If it doesn't work open a support case asap.


Once you have everything disabled call support to collect logs and doscover what happened exactly.

Thanks. I eventually got the service disabled and then uninstalled and re-installed the sensor. I can get it to work with a standard service account but I want to use a gMSA and that's not quite working as I expected. I'll post another question later.