ATA Server with Console crashed

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Unfortunately my Server with the ATA Console crashed and there is no backup (ok i am still in LAB Environment) but I still would like to get any help in a how to solve this issue.

The ATA Console was installed on a Server 2016 machine and the Gateway is a Lightweight installation on my Domain Controller as well a Server 2016 machine.


As I am in a LAB Environment your suggestion might be right that I am a beginner ;) Therefore any Kind of support is more than welcome.


Kind regards, Markus

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Locate the Center error log as described here:

And share the error that the center is writing there before it crashes.

Hi Eli,

First of all thanks for your Reply.

Unfortunately as mentioned the Server did crash completly and therfore I do not have Access to the logfiles.

Regards, Markus

Sorry, I was under the impression that the center service crash, not the entire OS.

if the entire OS crashed and not booting, I am not sure this is the correct forum for help...

Most likely a center issue won't prevent an OS from booting or crash it...

Hi Eli,

I am Pretty sure that it was not the ATA Console that did crash my whole Server. But it is fact...bad luck for me.

Any suggestion of where to search for help? Or any body else that might have an idea how to solve my issue.

I don't believe I am able to just setup a new server with same server Name and install the ATA Console again?


If you followed this procedure:

you can use the data to recover the Center without reinstalling the gateways.


other wise, in order to recover you will need to salvage this info from the disk somehow even if the machine won't boot, or fix it so it can boot...

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THANKS...that link did help me a lot.