ATA Lightweight Gateway Cerfiticate Expiration

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Hello. I use the ATA lightweight gateway agent on my Domain Controllers. I noticed on the DCs that there is an "ATAGateway" certificate that is going to expire in the near future. Any clues on how I am supposed to update those? Recently I updated the ATACenter Server certificate, but didn't find any documentation for ATAGateway certs. Please see the attached screenshot for some context. Thanks!

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@Systems_Online0101 what ATA version?  If it's from 1.8 and on, and both the center and the Gateway are running fine, the cert will be auto replaced before it expires. 

@Eli OfekHello Eli. I am running 1.9.x. So nothing to manually do on my end?

@Systems_Online0101 No, once the expiry time is 4 weeks minus 1-2 days, it should auto update.