ATA email spamming when agent becomes unresponsive

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Since our upgrade to 1.8 a few weeks back, we've seen an intersting email blast issue.  When certain lightweight gateways become unresponsinve (seen also with Windows updates being applied), ATA sends thousands of health alerts per hour.


Anyone seen anything similar or have any thoughts on checking if it's an actual bug?


Today we had 40,914 alerts in the span of 10.5 hours.


Many thanks in advance.

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Wow! Thankfully, I have not run into that issue just yet. I do get an alert when ATA loses connectivity to a gateway, but just the one.

In working with the ATA team we identified a bug. It's likely due to the separation of the health and vuln. alerts that is causing the issue.  They're working to fix it and it should be released/update soon.