ATA Center Web Proxy access to the Internet

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In the Microsoft documentation, when enabling VPN integration it says:

"After the ATA Gateway receives the VPN events and sends them to the ATA Center for processing, the ATA Center needs access to using HTTPS (port 443) to be able to resolve the external IP addresses in the VPN events to their geographic location."

We use web proxies to gain access to the Internet, so with regards to the above how do we configure the ATA Center to use a web proxy, or is it a case that the user who is accessing the ATA Center requires access to the Internet via their web browser?



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@stuart townsend 

The docs talks about the account that runs the Center service, not the user who uses the console.


Any method that will set it up for local service account on the center machine should work.

You can see a sample on how to do it using the registry in the AATP docs, it should work the same


(note: ATA does not support those deployment parameters, I am only referring to the registry method mentioned there.)