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There are several aspects of the Defender for Identity portal that I'd like to be able to monitor/configure. Is there an API for the the Portal? For example, I'd like to run a report showing the sensor versions as reported in the Portal or set the user to receive the reports.

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Currently there are no public APIs that you can use for this.

But we are planning them as part of the M365 Defender portal and APIs in the near future. No ETA yet.

Is there any update on this? I have a service requirement to be able to extract MDI health issue information via API. As monitoring the domain controller health status is a crucial part of the service to our customers, this needs to be monitored in an automated manner.


The public APIs are currently planned for the first half of 2023.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the update. Is there any way I can follow up on the status of this? I don't see any mention of it on the M365 Roadmap:

Have these APIs been made public in preview or the like? I'd like to track them

Not yet - we will share timelines on the public roadmap when we have an accurate estimate of when these will land.
Much interested too - we've just been though replacement of all our DC's (49 of them) and the ADFS sensor configs needed to be adjusted to list the new DCs. Tedious and error prone.
Hi Martin,

Any update on this topic? We are having a hard time managing MDI health issues for our clients here.
Same here ......

@Martin_Schvartzman What's the status on this topic? Or are there any other updates?


Unfortunately, this was postponed.

I hope we'll be able to release some of the APIs (including sensors settings and health alerts) in Q4 (Oct-Dec) of this year (2023).