Anti phishing policy - license requirements

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I would like to implement Anti phishing policy  for some key users.

Issue that I have is that  we have O365 E3 + Mobile & Security  E3 license.  I have few E5 license available.

I would like to create   Policy that woud protect Key users and assign them E5 license, but as far as I understand if  I chose under “Applied to” specific user  those user need to have E5 license.

Second part is  Add users to protect and / or add domains to protect.  If I chose again only specific users, those  need license.. but if I chose “domains” all must have E5 license.

Is this correct or   is as soon I try to use  ATP all users need do be license to E5 level.



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Hi Borut,
The service description states that you need to scope ATP to just the users who have the E5 license: