Windows Security Swabfex.P Phish.HB

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For over 3 months now, I've been reporting this in the feedback hub with no response.


How is it, that the only time Windows Security detects these two (2) Viruses is when I do a "Full" scan? Why are these not Caught before they even get on my system? Phish.HB Swabfex.P


I do not even check my email on my pc anymore I do it through my android phone.  Web sites I visit most is the edge insider community forum, facebook, twitter, walmart, walmart grocery,,  Yet I keep getting these 2 trojans and mostly the Swabfex.P .  Why??

Annotation 2020-05-29 110928.jpg

Annotation 2020-04-06 054129.jpg

These were only removed after I did a manual full system scan....



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Sigh; Did a full system scan on 6/5 and both were back again. Just did a full system scan again 6/16 and both are back again! Someone please explain Why these are NOT being caught by defender/security before they land on my system??