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I need help, i have a trial Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, for doing some test with the machines i have in the company.. All the computers are in windows 10 pro (1809).. i desinstall the old antivirus and activate windows defener on the machines, but in the console : only one machine show up! my question is the trial only for testing one machine ? if we buy the licences it does work with the machines windows 10 pro ? or should have windows enterprise E5 ?


Appologize my english not very well..


Thank you for the support



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Hi @Rshanouda, to your question, no, the trial is not limited in any way in terms of number of machines you onboard.


Likely candidates for this behavior are typically limiting network proxies (easy to test, if possible, put the machine on a direct internet connection and see if it appears).


You can also use the troubleshooting information here -


or this -


And here's some good tooling and advice on how to check for connectivity issues from Alex -


If the above doesn't help, I suggest opening a support case (top right corner of the portal under the '?" icon)  


i will also go and update your Baseline to 1809 so you can benefit from the latest security features


see here


run it with the desire below options.


.\BaselineLocalInstall.ps1 -Win10DomainJoined      - for Windows 10 v1809, domain-joined

.\BaselineLocalInstall.ps1 -Win10NonDomainJoined   - for Windows 10 v1809, non-domain-joined

@Raviv Tamir Thank you for the help. what about windows 10 Pro is it supported by the console (widows Defender security center) to management all the machine ? and show up all the machines list in on board ? if we buy license for it. or should we need to change 1200 machines in Windows Enterprise ?

Thank you
@Jacques van Zijl thanks for your reply and help.. all my machines are have the latest update.

It's just dont show up on the on board WIndows defender Security center.