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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Web access performance issue when enabling network protection

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Hi, this is another issue by following the upgrade to 4.18.23050.5 for fixing the Web content filtering issue. (The previous post can be found from Here .


After upgraded to 4.18.23050.5, the web content filtering has backed to be working again, but now I've just noticed that another web access performance issue, the website loading time in the first time access from a 3rd party browsers are extremely longer than before.


Has anyone got the same issue?


My current MDE version is:

AMEngineVersion : 1.1.23060.1005
AMProductVersion : 4.18.23050.5
AMServiceVersion : 4.18.23050.5
AntispywareSignatureVersion : 1.391.1600.0
AntivirusSignatureVersion : 1.391.1600.0
FullScanSignatureVersion : 1.385.1482.0
NISEngineVersion : 1.1.23060.1005
NISSignatureVersion : 1.391.1600.0
QuickScanSignatureVersion : 1.391.1418.0


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Are you facing the same issue in Microsoft Edge too?
Are you using any VPN or Proxy?
No, Edge is working fine. The issue only happens to 3rd party browsers which is caused by the latest update to network protection and web content filtering policy components.

@Spark Zhang 


I confirm we have exactly the same issue. Extremely slow and unreliable performance from Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft Edge browser is still working fine.


We have had to temporarily disable the Defender Endpoint Protection feature for now. We have a case open with Microsoft who are investigating. 


When troubleshooting we rolled back to last known good previous platform version 4.18.2304.8-0  and that worked OK.


The Microsoft support person mentioned they had at least one other customer in their queue with same problem.

Hi Makian, thanks for confirming the issue.

Yes I do agree that the version 4.18.2304.8-0 worked really well for me, but even I revert to this version, MDE will automatically update to the latest version again for me.

So that now I can only waiting for another hotfix from Microsoft, a Microsoft support has confirmed that the product team is working on it now.
Thank you for information, in this case try contact Microsoft Support and report this issue.
We are also having the same issue since last week. Reverting it to previous version makes chrome goes fast again but only for 15 mins before it auto-updates itself :(
We are experiencing this issue as well.
Microsoft has released a hotfix for fixing this issue to beta channel, the updated version is 4.18.23060.1008.

So far the hotfix is running well on my laptop.

@Spark Zhang 

We have exactly the same issue on many clients. Edge is fine.

Hope this hotfix comes soon. We logged a ticket with MS last week but no progress there...




Same here, no response from Microsoft Support since last Thursday....

Considering this is a global issue I can't see anything else but this thread.....
Reply to us from Microsoft as to the timeline of the release.

"The estimated time will be the middle of July after checking with the Product Group and please expect the delay or change without notice from the Product Group, thanks!"

We've created a policy that uplifts noisy users to the beta channel.
I'm testing 4.18.23060.1008 on my computer

It's better than what it was before but browsing is still not as fast as Edge
Yeah, I think that's what we're finding here. Maybe Microsoft are trying to disrupt the competition.
Hey all, I think this issue doesn't affect all regions. Are any of you in Australia?

@domokun-au Yes, but you have to have network protection turned on.

The sooner Microsoft roll out this patch the better. We have a lot of clients with network protection enabled in Defender for endpoint and Chrome is basically unusable. I am surprised at the lack of priority on this from MS. The ticket we have open with partner support was updated by MS yesterday to say they have made a breakthrough and will update us soon....

@mrICYFire FYI, they've moved the release to the preview channel.

I confirm we are in Australia and affected by this issue. We have switched off Defender Network Protection for now until permanent fix is mainstream. It is off by default so perhaps that is why not so much noise about it. 


I am sure Microsoft team have learned a lesson are carefully testing the update this time.....


Quite surprised this isn't a bigger issue, I've been trying to find the cause of this for 2+ weeks. Been looking at firewall's, VPN's etc searching google and reddit. Finally found this have now used your advice and this article to push out the beta channel to staff. Otherwise Chrome is practically not usable.