Warned websites with 3rd party browsers hassles.

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I know Microsoft really wants people to use Edge.  That said the company I work for is basically exclusively Google Chrome.  I setup Facebook to be a site that gives a warning since some people in advertising and such need access to it, which with Edge you say yes I understand it will be tracked and it lets you go about your day.  On Chrome it gives the standard this site can't provide a secure connection.  There is a popup though in notification center stating the site is blocked but gives an allow option.  If you do allow FB opens but it looks like something from 1998.  It then says there is other things that are blocked.  Do I have to just keep going through and allowing URL's whenever I run into something like this?


If it is possible, I am hoping I can do mixed licensing where I can give P1 licenses to people who need extra access (managers) and leave everyone else on the defender for business license we currently have with M365 Business Premium.  It gets really expensive if I have to give everyone P1 licenses.



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