Update Machine Exposure Level or ATP info

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Hope you can help! 

So I have just onboarded a few test machines into Defender ATP , all of us have E5. 

The machines list shows the computers and exposure level nicely! I remedied a machine and am hoping to manually refresh the data (Exposure level) or any ATP info for this particular machine to update the dashboard but do not see an option to do so. (Re-scan machine now sort of thing)


Is this possible?


Also how often does the machine scan and send info back to ATP? I cannot see any options for this under settings either. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance

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@Christo De Lange the new TVM is still in preview, as such it may take a few hours for the machine exposure state to reflect changes. We are working to reduce that time prior to declaring the feature generally available so stay tuned.

Hi @Raviv Tamir 


Thanks so much for your reply, much appreciated. Will watch this space :)