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Unpacking JSON

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Hay , I am trying to unpack the JSON string  IPAddresses  from the table 

 DeviceNetworkInfo | take 10
 | project IP = parse_json(IPAddresses)
 | extend ADR = IP.IPAddress
I get an empty ADR column  .....
I tried to use this video to resolve the issue:
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Here IP is still an array of IPAddress,SubnetPrefix,AddressType values so a simple reference to property IPAddress is not unique. You have to index to which element of IP you want, such as IP[0].IPAddress, IP[1].IPAddress, etc.
Great! Thank you !
I have another question: Can I still get Other columns of DeviceNetworkInfo after unpacking the Json ?
For example : Timestamp, Devicename, ADR (ADR isI P[0].IPAddress)
Yes, all you are doing with parsing the JSON is adding columns, the original columns are all still ther
This is my Query:
DeviceNetworkInfo| take 10
| project IP = parse_json(IPAddresses)
| extend ADR = IP[0].IPAddress, SUB = IP[0].SubnetPrefix

the result include only 3 columns : IP, ADR, SUB
Add the other columns you want to the project statement, comma separated
The only option is to project one of the three columns that I mentioned. Nothing else.
Sorry I don't understand waht you mean by "the only option is to project one of the three columns", could you explain in more detail?
I change the line : | project IP = parse_json(IPAddresses)
to : | extend IP = parse_json(IPAddresses)
and now I have all the columns .
Thank you for your help !