Trouble connecting endpoints to DfE through Intune

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Hey folks. I'm trying to connect Intune-enrolled devices to Defender for Endpoint using the Intune connector in DfE. I've enabled the connector in DfE, and the connector shows as "available" in Intune, but as soon as I try and push windows devices into Defender, I get a connector error:


It reads "An Error Occurred. Couldn't establish a connector. Try again later".


...not the most helpful of error messages, I must say.


Has anybody seen this one before?




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@NovaBlueSteve Yes, I'm getting the same message. Did you ever solve this?

Hi Jim. I did, but if I'm honest, I don't remember how. I *think* it was about roles -- needing Intune Administrator. But it was long enough ago that I've forgotten. Sorry!