The source file path is missing in filecreatedonremovablemedia events

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Hello, community,


I have these logs from Endpoint related to files copied to removable media, and I found out that Endpoint creates two distinct events:

  • FileCopiedToRemovableMedia, in which the ObjectID is the file's source path and the Destination file path is the final location in the removable device.
  • and FileCreatedOnRemovableMedia, in which both the ObjectID and the Destination file path are the final location in the removable device.

Both events are triggered by explorer.exe and, based on the event's timeline, they likely belong to the same copy activity. Considering this, I need your help to understand:

  • What is the difference between FileCopiedToRemovableMedia and FileCreatedOnRemovableMedia?
  • If explorer.exe executes both activities, what are the conditions that Endpoint evaluates to classify the activity as a file copy or a file creation?
  • Is there a way to obtain the original file location in a FileCreatedOnRemovableMedia event?


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