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I work for Microsoft partner and i am required work on EMS E5 project. I have inquiry requiring windows defender ADP.


In order to register in this service i started free trail using this link and i tried to register using global admin for my trial tenant. but i received email saying my request rejected.

"Thank you for your interest in the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Trial. Unfortunately, we are not able to approve your registration for participation in the trial."


what i should do? is Windows defender ATP not related to O365 tenant?


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@Khaled Elgazzar ATP


Okay, stuff to understand... ATP comes in 3 flavours.


Azure ATP  thats telemetry for  the network.

365 ATP   thars safge links +attachments


That nice portal at that added this new screen recently 



Thats actually with the window license


windows defender ATP


EMS E5 only has azure ATP