Shortcut to WDATP portal from Waffle Launcher or MyApps

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The Windows Defender Security Center is where our Security team go to manage Windows Defender ATP


We want to have a link to this portal show up in authorised users' "waffle" menu (which doesn't seem to work at all on the WDATP portal - it just goes back to the WDATP dashboard). We use RBAC roles rather than Basic roles.

InkedWDATP Portal RBAC Roles_LI.jpg

We also expect to see it at as all other AAD Enterprise Applications do but, even though you can find Windows Defender ATP in there, it has a different App ID to the portal and seems to send users to a marketing page - Even if I do assign that to a user, they still don't get a link appear in the MyApps portal.

WDATP EntApp.png

Am I missing something really obvious here or are users expected to just memorise or bookmark the URL?


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we added our own enterprise app reg to make it show up on the myapps page.. copied the icon and control who can see it via assignments in the app reg.. have done the same with direct links to the compliance and security dashboards too. If you need instructions let me know. @Thom McKiernan