Scheduled Scan Results

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I want to check a Scheduled Scan result for a specific machine: how many files scanned, what time it started/finished, how long it takes, how many files infected and etc.


I have the MDATP portal, the machines are being managed (receiving policies) by SCCM and Intune.


Where can I check this information? For me does not matter if it is on MDATP portal or SCCM. I just need the information.

Thank you very much.

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@alexandertuvstrom Thanks for the answer, but it doesn't help. Going in Intune it is not showing the information I need. The screenshot is below.





have you switch the co-management workloads for endpoint protection to Intune? Otherwise you can follow "Use Configuration Manager to review scan results" from the link I provided you earlier.



@alexandertuvstrom Yes, the co-management workload is enabled for Intune. The URL provided didn't help. Thanks.