Recordings now online: Microsoft Defender ATP sessions from #MSIgnite 2019
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 is over and – wow – that was an amazing conference week! Thank you all for joining us and for making it such a successful event. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as I did! The entire team was (and still is) thrilled about all the great conversations, the valuable feedback, and positive vibe everybody brought to the meetings and booth.


We had security sessions happening throughout the week, with high numbers of attendees – proof that this is an important topic for you.


Throughout the week we had many security sessions happening and you might not have had the chance to go to all of them, or you didn’t make it to Orlando in person at all. The good news is that we recorded all of them and you can watch them now online on-demand.


If you want to download ALL of the Microsoft Ignite videos and PowerPoint slide decks, you can download this PowerShell script and get busy for the next…. Couple of months by watching great tech videos :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If you prefer to watch one after the other and stay focused on Microsoft Defender ATP, here are the links to all Microsoft Defender ATP session recordings:






Microsoft Security for your entire environment

Steve Dispensa, Microsoft

Rob Lefferts, Microsoft

Chris Flynn, NHS Digital


Built in and cloud powered - elevate your endpoint security with Microsoft Defender ATP

Heike Ritter, Microsoft


Security in overdrive: best practices for configuring Microsoft Defender ATP

Matt Shadbolt, Microsoft  

Deepak Manohar, Microsoft


We've got your back! Team up with Microsoft's security experts to respond to critical threats

Jessica Payne, Microsoft

Eric Olson, Microsoft

Brian Hooper, Microsoft



Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management 

Tomer Teller, Microsoft

Mark Love, Emirates Group



Giving you the upper hand in combating web threats with Microsoft Defender ATP

Patrick Jungles, Microsoft

Deepak Manohar, Microsoft


Unleash the hunter in you: Advanced hunting in Microsoft Defender ATP

Hadar Feldman, Microsoft


Couple of Microsoft Threat Protection sessions:





Real customers, real challenges, and the real power of Microsoft 365 Threat Protection

Rob Lefferts, Microsoft

George Eapen, Petrofac, 

John Taylor, John Hopkins

Gregory Petersen, Avanade


Microsoft Threat Protection with security CVP Rob Lefferts. This video is not yet available – check out the Microsoft Mechanics playlist for Ignite 2019 later this week for an update.

Rob Lefferts, Microsoft

Jeremy Chapman, Microsoft


Tips, tricks, and best practices from the experts for deploying Microsoft Threat Protection

Gerson Levitz, Microsoft

Sebastien Molendijk, Microsoft

Pawel Partyka, Microsoft



Real detection stories! See how Microsoft Threat Protection defeated actual attacks and adheres to t...

Elia Florio, Microsoft

David Fantham, Microsoft


Make the predators your prey: Explore advanced threat hunting across identities, endpoints, and Offi...

Naama Schlesinger, Microsoft

David Fantham, Microsoft


Dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection: See how we defend against threats like phishing and stop...

Raviv Tamir, Microsoft






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