Questions on managing MDM and MAM polices for apple devices.

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Hi Community,


Our customer has the below Business Requirements on Microsoft Intune to manage iOS devices, customer is currently comparing Airwatch to achieve the below requirements. Looking for our help to understand what can be achieved on Microsoft Intune for the below requirements.


Business Requirements


1. Ability to create a separate work folder (container) for IOS devices to be used as profiling for users and hosting some applications.

2. Prevent screenshots for some applications in IOS devices

3. Prevent Save as for some applications in IOS devices

4. Add & Manage some internal applications (non-internet applications) to users' work folders / MAM Policy

5. Manage Internal File share and apply MAM policies per Department

6. Ability to enable Remote Desktop for IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

7. Autoenrollment flexibility for the bulk of users

8. Mac OS supportably for MAM & MDM


Any pointers would be of great help.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @SB V - Please look through the previous posts on the Endpoint Manager / Intune TechCommunity site here - , or post your question there!  Thanks.