Onboarding Defender for Endpoints P2 to Windows 7 pro without ESU

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Hello All, Currently i have go-on project with Implement Defender for Endpoints P2, the issued we met right now is Windows 7 Pro 32bit, the Device using Dot.Net 4 and without ESU support. After we connect with MMA, the Status is successful but on MDE portal not showing Device. Any Ideas about this?

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@Sopanha_Roth, a couple of things:
1) Make sure that you have a newer version of the MMA client, which supports TLS 1.2. Any MMA agent from mid 2021 or newer should meet the requirements.
2) Make sure that you have the SHA-2 code signing updates for Windows 7 SP1 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/2019-sha-2-code-signing-support-requirement-for-windows-an...

Yong Rhee [MSFT]