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I am pleased to inform you of a new enhancement to your Microsoft E5 license. We have introduced Enterprise IoT, a solution that enables the monitoring and protection of IoT devices within office environments, including printers, cameras, and scanners. By turning on Enterprise IoT apart from getting alerts and recommendations, you will get vulnerability and misconfiguration data, purpose-built for IoT devices.  


Activation is a breeze: Getting started is as easy as turning on a toggle in your Defender XDR Portal. Follow this documentation to set it up.  


Bonus Protection: For every E5 license you have, we provide complimentary protection for 5 IoT devices. That means if you have 20 E5 licenses, you can secure up to 100 devices at no extra cost! Curious about the details? Our documentation will guide you on how to calculate the number of devices you can protect. 


Your Experience Matters: We are dedicated to continuous improvement and your input is invaluable. Please take a moment to share your thoughts through a short survey.  


Let’s Connect: Interested in a deeper dive into Enterprise IoT or other Microsoft Security solutions? Simply reply to this email and we’ll arrange a conversation with a product manager from our Microsoft Engineering team.  


Thank you!

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