MSFT Friends, please support Tamper Protection with 3rd Party MDM providers

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Looking at using Tamper protection to keep end users from disabling security components, we have found that no 3rd party MDM providers are capable of changing this setting.  Our only recourse is the All or nothing approach that impacts the entire tenant.  Really want to see WorkspaceONE be allowed to make the same Tamper Protection Settings that Intune or MECM are able to make.

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@james_hamby, today, as you mentioned, you are able to enable MDE's Tamper Protection (TP) from the M365D portal ( Now, if you are trying to troubleshoot a resource issue or an application combability issue, you and your team are able to use MDE's "Troubleshooting mode" to temporarily disable TP.
Yong Rhee [MSFT]