Mixed Licencing quota

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Hi Community,


i have a tenant with 50 MDE Plan 2 and 170 MDE Plan 1 licenced users. As far as i know you can enroll 5 Devices per Licence. But when i look the licence menu in MDE settings. My subscription state is Plan 2 and assigned licence(Plan 2) 180 (this is the enrolled device number - my assumption) It says "Your organization is using more Plan 2 licenses than you own". If i have to purchase a Plan 2 licence for every device, what is the point of this advantage (5 device per licence). I can use the mixed licencing model but at this time i can not benefit Plan 2 features. 

I would appreciate your help. Thanks

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the MDE license is per user and users who logged on devices are counted. so, for example if you have 25 plan 2 but you have only 15 users that logged in to devices than you need only 15 plan 2. in your case if you want to benefit from the plan 2 features, you have to purchase plan2 licenses for each user, but the mixed licensing model is applicable as well.