Mixed Licencing - DFE

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Hi All,


I've acquired x2 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 licences and x1 Microsoft Defender for Business Licences.


However my Subscription state in the console is "Defender for Business".


I've enabled preview features for the mixed licencing scenario however still won't let me manage the state.


I'm also a global admin, does it take time for the setting to apply?

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Did you tag the endpoints as described below?


I can't find any information on the M365BP license mix and I think the mixed scenario is for Plan 1 and 2 only but I could be wrong - I found this:

'If you don't see Manage subscription settings, at least one of the following conditions is true:
You have Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 or Plan 2 (but not both); or
Mixed-license capabilities haven't rolled out to your tenant yet.'