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We manage a fleet of over 2000 computers running Windows 10.

When checking in Microsoft Defender portal we can see around 8% that are missing KBs which really should be installed such as monthly CUs. These have been pushed out and are mandatory for install and many of the computers that are reporting these KBs as "missing" are connected or have recently connected to the network.

My question is; is there anyway from within Defender (or perhaps Intune etc) to "force install" the missing KB on the devices that are affect?

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Seems this is more a case of approx 40 computers (out of 2000+) which are not talking to Intune for various reasons. I know with SCCM when this sort of error used to occur, a ccmrepair or reinstall of the SCCM client agent would generally rectify the problem. Is there an Intune agent repair or reinstall equivalent?