Microsoft Sites Blocked by Defender

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I found this irritatingly amusing.


Click on download the report from Exchange.



and get



I refreshed the page and after it thinks for a bit it downloaded the file.


Selecting release email quarantine does the same thing.  Refreshing this does nothing.  Why is defender blocking these things and what category is causing the blockage since it doesn't tell you why it is blocked which is always irritating since all of these types of programs, that I have used are this way.  You are blocked but we are not going to tell you why?




Just to add to the list, I added Gmail to the allowed.  If I go to and click Gmail it does the same as the above but if I refresh the screen, it loads Gmail.  I think for some of this I am fighting the irritating lack of wildcards that let you say accept all websites that are sub-domains of this, such as which defender is blocking even though is part of the allow list.

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For now, I don't know enough of all Defender features (yet :) ) to let you know if what you've experienced so far might be normal or not. So for now I would even consider it as just as an implementation that you're only being tentatively and partially only blocked just because for the moment your company may have simply decided to temporarily start monitoring people access to some external sites they are for now considering as particularly 'sensitive'.

P.S. Anyway at same time I'd also suggest you to better check your own company policies, just to avoid you to possibly even meet unexpected side effects of your actions in particular if somehow any of these might even partially be contrasting with those same policies. 0:-)

HTHed too, and if it really did, then please feel also very free to mark this post as a solution... Thx in advance  :suprised: :happyface: