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i am in the process of setting up Defender for endpoint.  The guides on line refers to the old admin centre. Where is the advanced features now located so i can turn on the microsoft intune connection in the new security centre layout?


thanks in advance

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@Richard42233 the documentation does shows the latest portal details



@Ambarish RH 

Thanks for response Ambarish. The screen above i can access its when i follow the links to the Microsoft defender for endpoint admin console i dont have the option to turn on the intune connection.  where can this option be located?   thanks 

EPS shot.PNGsettings.PNG

@Richard42233 Could you please share your licensing on your tenant? You can get that from

@Ambarish RH   is this the information you need?  thanks Licenses.png

@Richard42233 The reason why I asked you about licenses is that, your portal doesn't seems to have Defender for endpoint settings. You could also try the direct url


When you check an user where you've assigned the licenses, under the user- licenses and apps- apps as below?



@Ambarish RH  The link just takes me to the normal homepage.   I dont have that listed in the app list for a user who has E5 & E5 security. Do i need to get additional addons to get this to work as under the impression that thisshould be inclueded in the current licences?  Thanks Licences 2.PNG

@Richard42233 Looks like you dont have Defender for endpoint as part of this!


However, from MS Site,

defender is included! Did you check with your license provider?




Just saw another page which says 

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E5  includes all the capabilities of Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 plus  Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) P2, Azure Information Protection P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Active Directory [AD] Identity Protection (as a feature of AADP P2), Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (as a feature of AADP P2).

Best to check with your license provider and see what plans can include Defender for endpoint

Thanks for your time looking into this. I will pick it up with my provider

@Richard42233 I was facing the same issue with a trial tenant. Then I realised that I had selected the tenant which did not have Defender for Endpoint in it. Creating a new tenant with Defender for Endpoint resolved the issue.

Note: Sometimes getting the Endpoint option takes time. Refresh after waiting for few minutes.


Hope this helps.