Microsoft Defender Security Center - Threat and Vulnerability Management - Software Inventory

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not sure if this is the right site where post a questions. 


I'm using "Microsoft Defender Security Center - Threat and Vulnerability Management - Software Inventory" in my organization. We are on Azure Active Directory (no on-premises AD) and 80-100 application are involved in "Software inventory"


Very good feature! 


The "Software inventory" show me all software with vulnerability. Except for Microsoft software (e.g. Office or Windows where updates are managed by Intune ring policy) all other software listed and installed on our laptop are not automatically updated.


There're a feature, or is planned, to automatically send an e-mail in order to inform the user to update when a software became vulnerable? It's like a remediation activity asked directly to the machine holder. If the owner don't execute the remediation (software update) could be nice to have a reminder.


At the moment a manually check is performed by me. I'm sending to the laptop owner an email with a request to update outdated software.


Do you have suggestion? In your organization how do you ensure that all software on all devices are updated?





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Hey @mmanara,


have you concidered using flow for this? It's pretty easy to use. A colleague of mine has done something similar to send out sms with telesign.


I'm wondering if this comes close to your request?