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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Microsoft Defender for Servers - MDE for servers


I am unclear on the costs for the P1 version of the product. P2 comes with 500MB of data ingestion, which suggests there could be a charge applied to P1 licenses which could vary depending on usage. Can somebody clarify this please? This used to be a simple license charge for MDE for servers, it now seems unnecessarily complex. 

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Hi Terry,
short answer; no extra charge is expected. DFS P1 = MDES for servers (==MDE P2)

Detailed answer:
Defender for servers (DFS) P1 provides the full entitlement as MDE for servers (MDES).
Meaning, DFS P1 == MDE for servers.
No extra charge for data ingestion should be expected there, no Log analytics solution storage or other data retention in workspace is required.
DFS P1 is on a pay per use basis, for a maximum of 5$ per device per month.
DFS P2, provides more than just MDES, as you can see here (
DFS P1/MDE for servers doesn't use log analytics for storage at all (anymore)